Introduction To WordPress

If you have never designed any website and want to do some now, do not worry as you have WordPress to help you. It is considered to be world’s most popular tool with the help of which creating websites and managing them do not need the experience of any expert. WordPress is a content Management System (CMS) that was started in the year 2003. Then it was used for managing the fonts and writing style, however with time things have developed and now it is one of the most prevalent CMS all over the world. It has emerged from a blogging tool to something much more.

What is WordPress

First let us know the technical part of WordPress, it was developed on a scripting language called PHP that helps in creating effecting web pages. The database management system on which it functions is MySQL. It has made it easier for even a novice to design their own website, thanks to the number of widgets and themes that WordPress comes along.

Above all, you do not have to install it on your computer, as it’s all in the ‘cloud’. You do not need to install the software in your machine. That means you can open your account anywhere you want and then do the necessary changes. This can be done even from your smartphone. It allows flexibility to the creative designer as they can do their work anywhere they want!

What comes with WordPress

What has make WordPress so popular is its simplicity to operate the software. It comes with a number of plugins and themes. As time has evolved, WordPress have introduced new themes and that are known as WordPress Themes. The theme is the skin of your site and depending on the theme the look and feel of your site is developed. In these CMS, you would get the option of developing the feel of your skin and also can manage the material content of your website.

For using WordPress, one thing that must be known to you is using the database. As already mentioned it runs on MySQL and if you know how to manage database, you have done half the work. This is because WordPress manages every posts, blogs, articles etc. through the database.

What are the charges of using WordPress

The best news for WordPress users is that it’s completely free! Once you start using it, you will get all the features altogether. There is no ‘free’ or ‘test’ version of this CMS where you would get only limited features. This open source software is completely free for the users and as it runs on the ‘cloud’, you may use it anywhere you feel like, anytime.

For hosting your website through WordPress you have two options. You may either use which is a hosted version. However there are certain limitations that you have to be satisfied with the themes already installed as you cannot add any plug-ins there. The second option for hosting through WordPress is by that is the self-hosted version. On using this you can get complete control over your website.

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