Top Plugins for Optimizing Your WordPress Images

Top Plugins for Optimizing Your WordPress Images

Google and other leading search engines are observed giving priority to the web pages that high optimization. There is a large ratio of internet users who use mobile phones and tablets to browse the web pages and nobody got much time to wait for the page to get loaded. People are keen to find fast, catchy and trendy content. Going with the flow, it is important to better optimize your WordPress images and lower their loading time to grab internet traffic and not letting the people close your page before it is even loaded. Images take more time for loading when it comes to speed and thanks to the technology which introduced some plug-ins that can help optimizing a WordPress image with speed.

WP Smush

WP Smush Image Optimization

WP Smush is an amazing WordPress plug-in which optimizes the image without effecting the loading time. WP Smush works by loading the images through their servers and your page will be loaded fast. Heavy images can slow down your web pages and you have no knowledge about it. It strips the bulky information from your image and reduces the file size without affecting the image quality and results in fast loading speed of the image on your WordPress page. If your site has a less loading time it will not only be favored by search engines but also makes happy the people on your webpage.

TinyPNG for WordPress

TinyPNG for WordPress

TinyPNG is another super plug-in which can increase the optimization of a WordPress image and also the loading speed of the page. This has been used by worldwide for WordPress with excellent service. While an image is uploaded to the WordPress site it also gets uploaded to TinyPNG and then it is analyzed for the compression options. The image is compressed in a way which do not spoils the image quality and by reducing the size of image it is made highly optimized and easy to load. At average calculation the PNG images are compressed by 50-80 percent and JPEG images about 40-60 percent without any harm to the image quality which is amazing.

EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizer

EWWW image optimizer is another useful plug-in which has the service of image optimization. It works on auto, as you have uploaded any image to your web page EWWW Image optimizer will start its works and increase the image optimization by applying reductions on the image. The plug-in will convert the image to the format which will have the least size. It works with JPEG and PNG format and has an efficiency of not destroying the image quality. Less image sizes takes less time to be uploaded and fast loading of WordPress pages is counted as the efficient working.


The mentioned above plug-ins are trusted and useful sources for better optimization of images and reducing the loading time for web pages. Time is very precious and valuable in this digital world where people are laden with the resources over the internet. Thus, nobody likes to wait for a page to be loaded and they swiftly switch to another. For getting good and constant traffic to your website efficient and smart working is important.

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